Judy Tiberi (formerly Kaufmann)(non-registered)
Hey Phoebe!!! Still loving the Shelby portrait you did for my son, Oliver, especially now as our sweet girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge & we miss her terribly.
David Paynter(non-registered)
Wow, just beautiful, Phoebe! I love how you capture the moment, the spirit, eyes. Amazing!
Laura Corsell(non-registered)
The portrait of my children now hangs in the home on Long Beach Island to which I retired last year -- also where you took the photos from which the portrait drawn. It remains one of my most treasured possessions. Again: 1000 Thanks --
Janice zappala(non-registered)
I saw a portrait of four children at a home i rented in Avalon which I just loved. there are 3 boys and 1 girl on the beach. It's from 2001 Very heartwarming.
Thomas Steinson(non-registered)
Love your pencil work. Love the white horse
Jay Peter Shoemaker(non-registered)
Extraordinary work that we have seen nowhere else. We loved the portrait of my grand children. Feel free to post. I tried to but could not.
Love your website and pictures!
Great Photos!
Oscar Gallaher(non-registered)
I mistoke these drawings as photographs. Beyond excellent.

Liked use of color in the only color drwing
Peggy and Nina Sellers(non-registered)
We are unable to find words to express the thrill of seeing our Brandy rendered so beautifully by you. Thank you for capturing her inquisitive look in such incredible detail - even better than the original photo - our forever treasure!
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