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Created 21-Aug-15
38 photos

Girl in a Garden, 30" x 40"Crossing the Bar,  40" x 28"Ciaran P. O Mearain, 23" x 29"Children in a Garden, 40" x 30"Susan and Buddha, 40" x 30"Patrick, Margaret and Ali SharkeySham, 25" x 29"Eb in motion, 18" x 22"white horse with pink muzzleRebound, 22" x 22"Beloved CooperTennessee Walker, Eb 18" x 22"Tennessee Walker, Sass 18" x 22"Brandy, 11" x 19"Jet, 24" x 20"Tom Cat, pencil and pastel, 10" x 14"Winston, 19" x 18"Guinness Stout, 15" x 11"Bailey, 21" x 16"JohnBoy in Doorway, 20" x 30"

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